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Ehsan Saboohi

Contemporary Iranian Composer

09.03.2018, Новости
Concerto for Solo Actress: The Legend Of Yush's Poet (by Ehsan Saboohi)

“Concerto for Solo Actress” Is Available To Watch, listen, Streaming, Download and Share NOW! Direct links: https://spectropol.com/2018/03/03/ehsan-saboohis-theatrical-production-of-yushs-legend-is-available-for-streaming ...

04.03.2018, Статья
Concerto for Solo Actress: The Legend Of Yush's Poet

Concerto for Solo Actress: The Legend Of Yush's Poet (by Ehsan Saboohi)The structure of this "concerto" is a combination of contemporary Naghali (recounting stories), spoken word, and contemporary performance art. The actress here creates musical ...

05.11.2016, Новости
HAIKUS (Iran-Netherlands Electro-Acoustic Music Project)

HAIKUS (Iran-Netherlands Electro Acoustic Music Project) available on iTunes: about project: The Album 'Haikus' is a joint product of Ehsan Saboohi (Iranian Contemporary Composer) and Gerda Geertens (Dutch Contemporary Composer and philosopher). The ...

05.11.2016, Статья
HAIKUS (Iran-Netherlands Electro-Acoustic Music Project)

Music-Haiku, a title suggested by the Iranian Composer Ehsan Saboohi, can be used and developed as a new structure along with other known forms. The core idea of this form is inspired by Haiku poetry. In Haiku there are three verses with five, seven, ...

25.09.2015, Новости
Phonemes Requiem

Phonemes Requiem (2014-2015)  (For four Soloists, mixed Chorus, Didgeridoo, prepared Tombak, Electronics, Computer) Release Date -  18th September 2015  Available on: ...

09.08.2014, Новости
International released "Chaos in the Cosmos"

http://spectropol.com/2014/08/08/new-music-from-ehsan-saboohi/ http://spectropolrecords.bandcamp.com/album/chaos-in-the-cosmos

03.06.2014, Новости
Chaos in the Cosmos

Electronic & Electroacoustic works release date: June 10, 2014 in Iran limited edition

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Ehsan Saboohi is an Iranian contemporary composer. He was born in 1981 in Tehran, Iran. He learnt the principles of Iranian Traditional Music since his childhood.

Saboohi started his music education in Sooreh School of Music of Tehran and graduated in 1993. Then, in 2005 he graduated from the Music Academy of Azad University of Arts and Architecture and later on, in 2009 got his master degree in Composition at Art University of Tehran.

His works include music pieces for solo piano, chamber works, large symphonic ensembles, string orchestra, wind orchestra and vocal works, and arrangement of Iranian folklore music scores.


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