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Ehsan Saboohi

Contemporary Iranian Composer

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04.03.2018 Article
Concerto for Solo Actress: The Legend Of Yush's Poet

Concerto for Solo Actress: The Legend Of Yush's Poet (by Ehsan Saboohi)The structure of this "concerto" is a combination of contemporary Naghali (recounting stories), spoken word, and contemporary performance art. The actress here creates musical events with voice, body, and movement; a bit like a piano concerto that does not have an orchestra. For me, the Mise-en-scène functions like the orchestration of a piece.Naqqāli (or Naghali) is the oldest form of dramatic performance in Iran. Historically, it ...

05.11.2016 Article
HAIKUS (Iran-Netherlands Electro-Acoustic Music Project)

Music-Haiku, a title suggested by the Iranian Composer Ehsan Saboohi, can be used and developed as a new structure along with other known forms. The core idea of this form is inspired by Haiku poetry. In Haiku there are three verses with five, seven, and five syllables respectively. In Music-Haiku, musical sound in the form of chords or center-less tones take the place of words and syllables. Music-Haiku is made of smallest elem ents existed on structural music (Rhythmic, Homophonic and Melodic ...