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Ehsan Saboohi

Contemporary Iranian Composer

Ehsan Saboohi

Ehsan Saboohi
Date of Birth: 25th September 1981
Place of Birth: Tehran, Iran
Composer and Music Lecturer

Contact Information: info@ehsansaboohi.com


M.A. in Composition (Contemporary Music)
Faculty of Music, Art University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran, 2009
Thesis Subject: Composition and Analyzing “Symphony No. 1”.
Advisors: HamidrezaDibazar, TaghiZarrabi.

B.A. in Music (International Instruments: Saxophone& Piano)
Music Department, Faculty of Art and Architecture, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran, 2005
Thesis Title: Music and New Recording Methods
Advisor: Amir Ashraf Arianpour

Music Diploma (Iranian Traditional Instruments: Santour&Tombak)
Sooreh School of Music, Tehran, Iran, 1999


• The first Snowflake, Admitted Score in “Composition for Harp Contest”, 2013.
• Diploma of Honor from Kharkov Conservatory for Composing Farewell Sonata, Ukraine, 2012.
• Leyli and Majnun, Admitted Score in “Composition for Oud Contest”, 2012.
• Free-Scores’ Prize Winner Composer for the First International Composition Contest, 2011.
• Makhoola for Trumpet and Piano, Admitted Score in the first Spring Festival of the Art University of Tehran, 2008.
• 3rd Prize Winner for playing Tombak in Fajr International Music Festival, 1998.

SELECTED WORKS (2008-2013)

• Folk Songs (Arr. for Woodwind Quintet)
• Rhapsody in Jazz (for wind orchestra)
• Two Miniature (for Clarinet)
• Etude ensemble (for orchestra)
• Composition No. 1 (for Chamber Orchestra)
• Three Folk songs (for trio oboes)
• Nowrooz (for clarinet, French horn, cello, piano)
• Abstract Waltz (for two pianos)
• To be a Bird (Trio for Flute ,Clarinet in Bb &Piano)
• Three Psalms on B-A-C-H (for Synthesizer)
• Farewell Sonata (for Clarinet)
• Prelude in Memory of D.Schostakovich (for Guitar)
• The Silence of Sorrows (for Guitar Quartet)
• Adam& Eve (for symphonic orchestra)
• Waltz No.2, Dmitri Shostakovich (Arr. for Violin & Guitar)
• Green Iran (Six Intermezzo for Piano Solo)
• Makhoola in Memory of NimaYushij (for Trumpet and Piano)
• Metamorphosis on theme of Paganini (for Solo Piano)
• Nocturne (for Violin and Guitar)
• Suite (for Two Guitars)
• Arrangement of Doll Unkempt based on a melody by AlinaghiVaziri (for Wind Orchestra)
• Arrangement of “Double Concerto for Guitar” by Carl Domeniconi (for Chamber Orchestra)
• Symphony No. 1
• Three Music-Haikus (for Piano)
• Myth of the Phoenix (for a Contemporary Saxophonist)
• Folk Songs (for Saxophone Quartet)
• Leyli and Majnun (for Oud)
• Arrangement of “Radetzky March” by Johann Strauss (for Wind Orchestra)
• 4 Chorales on Robaiyyat of Khayyam (for Choral a Cappella)
• The First Snowflake (for Harp)
• Giverny Revisited (for Clarinet and Violoncello)
• 14 Musical- Haikus (for Piano)
• Samba (for Piccolo)
• Mithra (for Wind Orchestra)
• Metamorphosis (for a Contemporary Pianist)
• Suddenly the Fall of Which Star? (for Viola)
• Meeting Mr. Debussy (for a contemporary pianist)
• 20 Chorales on Robaiyyat of Khayyam (for Choral a cappella)


• Piano Works of Ehsan Saboohi (Published in Iran by Arqanoon), 2013.
• Sonata for Clarinet (Published in Goosh Audio Album, Tehran: Maahriz Publication), 2013.


- University of Applied Science and Technology, Unit 46, Khosh Nahad Peyman, 2007-Present.
Form in Music, Harmony and Principles of Music Theory.
- University of Applied Science and Technology, Unit 11, 2010-Present.
Form, Musical Instruments.
- University of Applied Sciences and Technology, Unit 4, Academic Art, 2008-2010.
Sight Singing and Ear Training.
- Tehran Conservatory, 2008-Present.
Principles of Composition and Counterpoint.
- Ghassedak Music Academy, 2010-Present.
Principals of Composition and Harmony.
- Naghmeh Music Academy, 1996-1999.
Tombak Teacher.
- Sooreh School of Music, 1995-1996.
Tombak Teacher.


- Composer and Conductor of Khayyam Choir Group, 2012-Present.
- Conductor of Educational Concerts at Ghassedak Music Institute accompanied by Karen Keyhani in 3 categories of Classical Music, Children’s Music and Traditional Music. 2012.
- Teacher of Sight Singing, Ear Training and Ensemble Courses at the Police University as a part of assigned tasks during military services, 2010-2012.
- Saxophone Player in Pop albums of Hooman Mirabedini, Mohammad Jafari and Pejman Forootan. 2005-2007.
- Composer of “Channel 3.5” TV Series. 2004.
- Melody and Arrangement of Mohammad Jafari’s Album “Dreamy Sleep”, 2001.
- Saxophone Player of Tehran Youth Philharmonic Orchestra, Conducted by Mohsen Koohestani. 2000.
- Tombak Player in Foozhan Orchestra, Conducted by Hamidreza Dibazar. 1997-1998.
- Tombak Player, Iranian Music Orchestra, Conducted by Alireza Mashayekhi. 1996-1998.